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Talk To Me - Equine Assisted Learning participant comments.

  • I would love to do this again!
  • Great experience - very fun - Tammy is an excellent instructor and horsewoman.
  • I loved it and would do it again.
  • I love this kind of stuff - reflective, perspective changing.
  • I never really knew that horses were so good at picking up my thoughts and feelings which equals showing me my energy levels, stress, etc.
  • Loved the last activity and that it filled me with so much emotion.
  • This was a great way to reflect on communication, collaboration, and team building with others.
  • Very effective and different.
  • Love the barn and atmosphere.  Very peaceful, calming and welcoming.
  • It flew by so fast a full day clinic would be great!

Testimonials for Talk To Me Round Pen Work From The Horse's Point of View.

Testimonials from Amazon users.

  • This book is outstanding! It's an enjoyable read into the psyche of several different horses and a reminder that the communicative power of the horse is amazing....if we only stop to listen.  In our busy world, we rush through barn work and riding and training instead of looking for the bond and the "talk".  Tammy Marsh gives us a much needed wake-up call.  I'm anxiously waiting for her second book to come out to keep the lesson going. S. Gabreski
  • Thank you for including so many different personality types of horses.  Each gave a different perspective which helps to generate balance, fairness, and insights to the heart and mind of each horse worked. - also, I recently moved to Ithaca, NY area so I do hope to attend a clinic. Kindle Customer.
  • Purchased as a gift and the recipient really loves this.  He is an equine studies major and was fascinated by the techniques and recollections in this book! L. Rudy
  • Well written and insightful.  It definitely left me wanting to hear more about the training and the backstories of the horses. Mathew Abrams.
  • Enjoyed the book very much.  I knew the people involved so it was even more interesting. Halfax3
  • This story gave me a greater appreciation for the beautiful animal! Blondie.
  • Loved it. Lauren

Talk To Me Round Pen sessions

  • Tammy I want to thank you and Shari from the bottom of my heart! Yesterday's session with Fancy was fantastic! I didn't stop smiling the whole way home and I looked at Fancy in a whole new light during barn work this morning.  The power of horses is so stunning! Thanks for reminding me of that.  Sheila Gabreski