Palomino Acres - Equine Services LLC

Our Horses

Meet the horses used in our programs.


Hugsy is the reason for Palomino Acres.  She has been my greatest teacher and my inspiration.  She is currently 29 and retired.  She does appreciate visitors and treats.


Abby is 10 years old.  She has been with me since she was weaned.  I can proudly say I have done all of her training.  Since Hugsy has retired she is my main riding horse.  She loves people and excels at teaching people in our EAL program as well as doing beginners lessons.


Candy is in her mid-twenties.  She had some trust issues when she came to us. My son has claimed her as his own and does Horse Agility with her.  She is a wonderful horse and helps me teach round pen lessons and absolutely loves the EAL programs.


Neil is 9.  He came to me through the Equine Comeback Challenge as I was his assigned trainer.  I really was planning on re-homing him after the competition but he quickly became part of the family.  Neil claimed my husband as his human.  Neil gives intermediate lessons and is a favorite in the EAL program.


Arie is 25 years old and has owned one of my boarders - Erika Stapleton - for the past 13 years.  He is perfect for the EAL program as his nickname is Captain Observation - nothing gets by this guy.  Erika graciously allows Arie to participate in the program and to be one of my round pen lesson horses.